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Just a quick word about why we do this, and what it means to us: Having more direct contact to this organization year after year and meeting just about everyone in their office, it never ceases to amaze us the amount of care, detail, and level of support they offer to their recipients who are going through health challenges.  The dignity they uphold and sheer level of assistance they offer is truly mind boggling. It is amazing to see how far they can stretch a dollar. Yet, unfortunately, so many are still in need and the RCCS budget is huge. The more they raise, the more lives they impact and frankly, in so many cases, the more lives they SAVE. People who could not otherwise receive treatments are afforded that ability with RCCS support, network, guidance, and acumen.

As you know, we have chosen to dedicate this tournament in memory of our son Yaakov Yisroel. Yaakov Yis’, sorely missed by our family since his tragic passing, was quiet in his own way, truly never comfortable in the limelight. Despite this, once a year, we lend his name to this special cause and push hard for the connection to remain.  Why? Because we can confidently say he loved 2 things:  helping someone in need and playing hockey.  We know he is looking down from above and smiling as we use his memory for both.

When we see the outpouring of support and positive response, it gives us a warm sense and feelings of consolation and inspires us to do it again each year.  We can’t think of a better way to associate him with something meaningful that can perpetuate his memory.

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For the Recovery of
Malkie and Raizel

Team YYT is dedicating their participation in the zchus of the swift recovery of

Esther Malka bas Raizel

Raizel bas Esther Malka

Two stalwart warriors. May they merit a refuah sheleima soon. Amen!