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Good Luck Team AIIR Force ! Thank you for engaging in such an important and meaningful cause.
Robin Schletter $500.00
Thank you Jonathan for fighting for a cause that causes so much pain. So glad you have chosen my favorite sport - GO TEAM AIIR FORCE!!!
Sherry Bisaillon $206.00
Bob Kinnison $206.00
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Deanna Senior $185.40
Mary Sue Rogers $180.00
Good luck Jonathan
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Thank you Team AIIR Force!
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Go AIIR Force!
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Sean Boyce $123.60
Go team AIIRForce!!
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Paul Damiano $103.00
May the Force be with you!!
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Go Team AIIR Force!
Jay Fehnel $100.00
Go AIIR Force! Beat Everybody and Cancer!
Andrew Tisckos $77.25
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Good Luck Jonathan and AIIRForce! (In memory of Jerry Michael)
Mike McCoy $51.50
Go Team AIIR Force!!
David Andrews $50.00
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Go Team Airr Force
Dovid Max $50.00
In Honor of Ari Becker
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Y'shar Koach
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Go AIIRForce!
Jonathan Kirschner $18.54