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Yisroel Berkowitz $1,800.00
Mosh Sturm $500.00
Marty Miltz $500.00
Naomi Berkowitz $360.00
Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
El Capitan!!!!!
Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Go captain!
Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Go get ‘‘em Kraken!
Match Match $360.00
Match Match $360.00
Match Match $360.00
Anonymous Sponsor $360.00
Moe Rabi $250.00
Hope you hit harder than our Maple Leafs
Nachmi Nadoff $250.00
Go Pens
Alan Landa $185.40
David Kofman $180.00
We miss you Eli!
Nissy And Miriam Cohen $180.00
Eli, You are a shining star!! Keep it up!
Buchi Holzberg $180.00
Go Bay Street Bullies!
Jonathan Eisenbach $180.00
Anonymous Sponsor $180.00
You’re a big TZAdick
Elimelech And Brochie Fisch $180.00
Sol Kron $180.00
Meir Landau $180.00
Paul Metchik $150.00
Of course you are doing this because it’s a worthy cause and you don’t really care about winning but maybe try harder this year?
Yechiel Berkowitz $150.00
The only team that Toronto fans believe has a chance! Go get em' captain
Moshe Rothenberg $123.60
Shuli Hirschmann $118.00
This Seeeaaaasssonnnnnn
Yanky Katz YK EVENTS & CO $105.00
Let’s go captain Eli!
Yosef Berkowitz $100.00
Go captain Kraken!
Rivka Hollander $100.00
Leiby Kaufman $100.00
Avromi Greenman $100.00
S Reich $100.00
Richard & Nancy Smith $100.00
Menachem Rubinfeld $100.00
Donated for Eli to play hockey - Enjoy and you’re welcome
Avromi Greenman $100.00
Yossi Sanik $100.00
Avi Kaiser $100.00
How're ya now?
Eli Levin $100.00
Teddy Cohen $100.00
Shimmy Back $100.00
I still don’t believe in this but I really want my Tallis back
Shimon Blumenfeld $100.00
Menachem Berkowitz $100.00
'THE Captain' Eli Berkowitz
Shua And Naomi Cohen $75.00
Moshe Nadoff $74.16
Anonymous Sponsor $74.16
Shlomo Birnbaum $72.00
Moshe Rockove $54.00
Yosef Berkowitz $54.00
Shana Kitay $50.00
Danny Cohen $50.00
Anonymous Sponsor $50.00
“Dollar Dollar Bill Kirill”
Chezky Gurwitz $50.00
Kevin Gausman $50.00
Shragie & Sara Nierenberg $50.00
Joel Lapides $40.00
Ephraim Hirschmann $37.08
Steven Rechnitz $36.00
Bring home the cup
Anonymous Sponsor $36.00
your favorite brother in law sorry i wasnt the first
Zevi Berkowitz $25.00
Go totty!! I love you!
Tzippy Fishbane $25.00
Judith Cohen $20.00
Yackov Speiser $18.00