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KALMAN Finkelstein $1,800.00
Make us proud
Aharon & Ariella Dinovitz $1,000.00
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Shalom Tenenbaum $600.00
For the best Dr. Out there
Jerry Wolasky $600.00
Meir Gold $500.00
Go DOC !!!
Yitzie Pretter $360.00
In honor of Dov and Atara for always looking to help others
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Jonathan Baron $360.00
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Chaim Neuberger $360.00
You're the best
Dov Ocken $250.00
In honor of Dov always going above and beyond in his dedication to helping others
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Anthony Bortz $185.40
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Pratt Park Grown
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Aryeh Gross $180.00
In honor of Dov’s elegant draw off the tee
David Daniel $180.00
Ari Elman $100.00
In honor of Dov's Frankel
Yanky Schorr $100.00
Avi Ganz $50.00