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On March 22, 2020, I will be facing off against cancer by playing in the annual RCCS Hockey Classic ice hockey tournament, benefitting the families and patients of RCCS.

RCCS is a wonderful organization that is there for anyone from the moment they are given the unfortunate cancer diagnosis.

From the moment the diagnosis comes in they are there to help patients find the best doctors and treatments available, regardless of their insurance coverage or ability to pay. Once they have helped on the medical side they then begin to work with patients through the very time consuming and confusing process of making sure your insurance coverage is adequate. They will help you figure out which insurance plan is the best for your specific needs, help resolve any issues that may arise with the insurance company such as unfair denials of coverage or issues with what is the patient�s responsibility for each bill. In addition to these services they have just started a patient concierge service, where the organization helps each patient navigate the very confusing process of what is needed at every single appointment that they have and to ensure that they are bringing the right test results to the right doctor to make the most out of every appointment the patient is able to get.

In addition to all these services helping you with your treatments and insurance headaches, they also help ease the financial burden that cancer can bring to any family. They offer medical subsidies and grants to help pay for out of pocket visits and other associated costs, and in situations where a family cannot afford their insurance premiums they will cover the total cost to make sure that money will not get in the way of your ability to beat cancer.

RCCS currently services over 2,400 patients worldwide and the goal of this tournament is to help the organization grow to continue helping all those who are in the battle for their lives.

As someone who knows me well, you know how much I love hockey, and I feel so thrilled and energized that I can use my passion for hockey as a way to help better the lives of cancer patients and their families.

So please support me and my team by visiting my page at: rccsclassic.org/JonathanWeiss

Together we can face off and finally defeat this terrible disease!

Thank you very much


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Alison, Age 10
Honorary Team Member
Alison, Age 10

Alison (Ali) is in the 5th grade.  She is an avid reader, loves to make art projects, and attend overnight camp and to stay in touch with her camp friends.  She also loves to decorate and eat cupcakes and is a huge fan of ice cream.