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On March 21st and March 22nd, I will be facing off against cancer as I play in the annual RCCS Hockey Classic, benefiting the families and patients of RCCS.

The mission of RCCS is to tackle cancer challenges, ease medical treatment, cover insurance premiums to lighten the financial burden, and make cancer care more accessible. Without this great organization, thousands of people would stare death in the face with little chance of recovery and survival. RCCS stands by each individual throughout every step of the process, holding their hands along the way to help them fight and win the war against cancer.

Please help this life saving organization by supporting me and my team as together we face off against cancer.

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Yosef, Age 14
Honorary Team Member
Yosef, Age 14

In October 2016, 11-year old Chicago native and Arie Crown student, Yosef, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia (AML), a rare and aggressive form of leukemia that affects the bone marrow and blood. He spent 5 months in the hospital receiving intensive chemotherapy and went into remission. One year later, the cancer was back.

Devastated but determined, Yosef’s parents got to work researching hospitals throughout the Midwest to find the best medical treatment option for him.  They ended up selecting Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in Milwaukee for an experimental protocol for both chemotherapy and then bone marrow transplant.  So, Yosef and his parents moved to Milwaukee for 5 months to receive this life saving treatment.  Boruch Hashem, Yosef responded well to treatment and is now 18 months post-transplant and doing well.  We pray that this be the last cancer treatment he ever requires, that Hashem continue to give him health, that his immune system fully recovers and that his cancer never returns.

We are all familiar with the concept of toxicity from cancer treatment.  But many of us are blissfully unaware of the financial toxicity that comes with a cancer diagnosis and treatment. Yosef’s mother was unable to work for almost three years, as Yosef required 24-hour care in the hospital and close observation even when he was home and unable to go outside for fear of infection.  His father, had to significantly cut back on his hours working as a pediatrician so he could spend time in the hospital alternating with his wife so that Yosef could get round the clock care.

“That’s when RCCS stepped in. They paid our family’s full medical insurance premium for over a year and continued to pay for Yosef and his mother’s medical insurance premiums for almost 2 more years.  They also helped by paying some of our medical bills for Yosef that were not covered by insurance.  RCCS’s financial assistance at our time of greatest need helped keep us afloat during these difficult years,” his father said.  “That’s why we now support RCCS and encourage all of you to do the same and help this wonderful organization continue its vital and lifesaving work on behalf of our community.”