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Let's smack the PUCK out of Cancer.

Many of you may not now that both of my parents are patients of RCCS and are currently benefiting from the amazing work that this organization does.

I will be facing off against cancer as I play in the annual RCCS Hockey Classic, benefiting the families and patients of RCCS.

The mission of RCCS is to tackle cancer challenges, ease medical treatment, cover insurance premiums to lighten the financial burden, and make cancer care more accessible. Without this great organization, 4,164 patients would stare death in the face with little chance of recovery and survival. RCCS stands by each individual throughout every step of the process, holding their hands along the way to help them fight and win the war against cancer.

Please help this life saving organization by supporting me and my team as together we face off against cancer. Directly helping my parents by donating! Please step up and help. 

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In Memory of
David Beitler