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    Liluy Nishmas Sarah Yaelle bas Gershon and Tzvi Yoel Ben Yekusiel
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Dear Friend,

On April 6th, I will be facing off against cancer by playing in the annual RCCS Hockey Classic ice hockey tournament, benefitting the families and patients of RCCS, an organization that:

• Currently services over 2,500 patients worldwide
• Covers insurance premiums for destitute families during their prolonged battle with their various diseases
• Offers medical subsidies and grants to help pay for out of pocket visits and other costs associated with cancer
• Makes premium cancer care more accessible
• Advocates on behalf of the patient to overturn unfair denials of coverage

As someone who knows me well, you know how much I love hockey, and I feel so thrilled and energized that I can use my passion for hockey as way to help better the lives of cancer patients and their families.

So please support me and my team by visiting my page at: https://www.rccsclassic.org/jonathanweiss or my team page at https://www.rccsclassic.org/Dasmen

Together we can face off and finally defeat this terrible disease!

Thanks so much!


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