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To say it has been a challenging year would be an understatement.

Usually we reach out to everyone around January to raise money for RCCS. They are an organization that helps cancer patients get the treatment they need on multiple levels. This year has posed challenges, making things even worse for the cancer that RCCS helps.
While last year's event was cancelled, the over 2 MILLION DOLLARS raised by the event allowed RCCS to help more patients than in the past and expand help for others in need. The money raised was well used. 
This year we hope to have some sort of a tournament as well, with dates set for June and October (Covid-dependant). The plan is to raise money for RCCS and hopefully more awareness of the organization. 
It is unfortunate that there are still patients they need to turn away. This annual event has helped so many and we are hoping to raise even more this year. 
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