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A few weeks ago my son was diagnosed with diabetes, while we know that this diagnosis is not like getting a cancer diagnosis BH. At the same time, we could try to understand what others have to go through when they receive a cancer diagnosis. Fear, shock, confusion, and pain. BH my son is doing ok and is pushing through but honestly, it has been a whirlwind since his hospitalization and diagnosis. We are now faced with tremendous challenges consistently ensuring that his blood sugar is normal and receiving insulin shots each time he eats carbs. This is a job 24/7 for the rest of his life. 


I would like to raise funds for RCCS in his zechus. Aaron Shmuel Asher Ben Chana Baila. He is strong and is a warrior like a hockey player should be! 


Can you please donate to help cancer patients, in honor of my son Aaron and in honor of the great sport of hockey? 

It should be zechus for you and yours!

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