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Eli has taught us what it means to persevere.  He battled the disgusting illness called cancer for a big portion of his life. God has his plans but that does not change that we lost someone who was awesome. He taught anyone who was in contact with him what it means to be happy and live happy. What it actually means to persevere. Yeah hockey is fun sometimes. But then you wear skates for many hours in one day and your feet and legs start to hurt. Guess what that is nothing! You just remember Eli! what he taught us. He is looking down and reminding you how much more you have deep inside to fight. RCCS helps many families going through similar battles. I think we can skate for a few hours to deal with the pain and help RCCS help these families. 

In memory of Eli Gradon - King Eli

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Mindy Cohen A
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Mindy Cohen A

My mother A”h, Mindy Cohen, taught me what it means to live life to the fullest. When she was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 2012, our lives were shaken up. During her battle with cancer there was not a day that would come that she would start complaining “Why did this happen to me?”. Every day she woke up and she fought for her life. She taught me the greatest lessons in such a short time. My mother grew up in Canada where hockey was the sport. She loved it. During this tournament when times get tough, your legs get numb, fatigue sets in and you feel like giving up, look at the patch on your jersey to remind yourself: live life to the fullest! You have to keep moving forward and push through the pain. That’s why we are here. Just like my mother taught me. Tough times don’t last but tough people do.